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Is your electricity provider the right one for you?

Since the deregulation of the Australian energy market in the 1990s, electricity providers have had to compete to win new customers and to hold on to their existing ones.

Today, there are multiple electricity providers in most Australian states, all offering consumers a range of different deals on energy. With so many options available, how do you know which electricity supplier is best for your home or business?

The first step to finding your best deal on electricity is understanding that wherever you live in Australia, you do have a choice. Your electricity distributor is responsible for generating electricity and sending it to your house, and is fixed according to the region in which you live.

Your electricity retailer has different responsibilities from the distributor, including connecting the electricity to your house and deciding how much you pay for it. A default retailer, often charging a high rate, is allocated to you based on your location, but you also have the option to choose from a variety of other packages and retailers.

If you compare all the available electricity providers, you may find that by changing the package you’re on, or switching to another supplier, you could save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills every year. The actual supply of electricity to your home or business stays the same regardless of which retailer you choose – it’s only the price that changes.

Many electricity providers also offer green energy alternatives, so you can choose to reduce the impact of your electricity usage on the environment, as well as on your wallet. With the price of electricity increasing at an alarming rate, now is the time to investigate all the options and find the electricity provider that is best for you.

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